What makes the Airwheel F3 fresh air respirator different(Chapter 2) ?

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Abstract: In addition to disposable medical masks, if you want to pursue a more comfortable wearing experience, then Airwheel F3 smart resuable mask is a technological choice worth knowing.

Airwheel F3 fresh air mask

Today, we will continue to talk about the unique features which make the Airwheel F3 different from others.

electric air mask

Since the respiratory resistance has been reduced, Airwheel F3 smart fresh air masks have chosen to be even better in terms of protection. According to a recent study, breathing in polluted air shortens human life by about three years. Air pollution includes chemicals, gasses, all sorts of particles and substances that can be either natural or man-made. Therefore, you do not have to work under hazardous conditions to need an anti-pollution mask.

Airwheel F3 electric mask

The filter of an ordinary disposable medical mask has only three layers, F3 uses a five-layer filter structure, consisting of a skin-friendly non-woven fabric layer, a high-efficiency melt-blown fabric layer, an activated carbon layer, a high-efficiency melt-blown fabric layer, and a non-woven protective layer, which can effectively block harmful substances such as PM2.5, smog, dust, etc.

Airwheel F3 maschera elettrica

The fresh air module of the Airwheel F3 smart mask is located on the outside of the cover and does not directly contact the wearer. Daily maintenance only needs to be wiped and disinfected with alcohol. At the same time, it adopts a detachable design, which can be removed and charged separately. If multiple sets of fresh air modules are selected, battery life can be upgraded, one for one charge, and unlimited battery life can be realized.

Airwheel F3 Maschera intelligente

The filter can also be disassembled and replaced regularly. Airwheel not only provides special filter for purchase, but also develops a special smart APP that can promptly remind the filter to replace according to the user’s usage. In addition, it can also record the length of use, remind the battery, and set the fresh air module to shut down.

Airwheel F3 Smart Mask

Except for the fresh air module and filter, the rest of the Airwheel F3 fresh air respirators are made of high temperature resistant materials. In addition to alcohol wipes, they can also be directly thrown into boiling water for high temperature disinfection, which is very convenient. The whole body adopts a modular design, no tools are required for disassembly, which facilitates thorough sterilization and reuse.


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