Tips for Airwheel Users: More Attention to Your Electric Scooters on Rainy Days

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Abstract: The new era redefines the high-tech means of transport, referring to we no longer need to hold the handles, just by changing the center gravity to control it. You can have a truly enjoyable trip, following your heart to control and to go. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter enables people to enjoy a convenient travel.

In its User Manual, there are tips for riders to clean and store Airwheel intelligent electric scooter. For instance, there are several tips to maintain it. Make sure the rubber cover is secure over the Master Power Button and Charging Port before cleaning. You can wipe down the Airwheel electric scooter periodically to keep it clean.


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In view of recent rainstorms and wet weather, Airwheel warmly reminds a wide range of users to care more for your electric scooters. Here are some techniques in maintenance of Airwheel electric scooters to help you do good maintenance and enjoy a smooth ride. On wet roads after rain, attention should be paid when riding an electric mobility scooter to avoid ponding on roads if it is not a fully-enclosed one, e.g., Airwheel S series 2-wheeled electric scooter.

Direct washing with water is not suggested. Use a soft damp towel and mild soap to clean the unit. You can use some rubbing alcohol to remove marks that the soap will not remove. Use a wet towel to clean the tires and fenders. Make sure to dry the Airwheel electric scooter to avoid rusting.


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On rainy days, users had better not ride out and, in such a case, pay attention to storage of the scooters. Store the Airwheel in a dry and cool place indoors when not in use. Do not store and expose the Airwheel electric walkcar to direct sunlight or freezing outdoor temperatures as this will lead to accelerated aging of the product.

If an improper operation damages the Airwheel, DO NOT dissemble the scooter and repair it by yourself, or service life of it might be impaired once any component or part is damaged.