The Eye-Catching Products in EICMA 2016 —Airwheel E Scooters And E Bikes

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  • The Eye-Catching Products in EICMA 2016 —Airwheel E Scooters And E Bikes

Abstract: EICMA is the global two-wheeled transport and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place in Milan, Italy. As the most popular products recently, Airwheel e scooters and e bikes will also be displayed in EICMA 2016 and be the eye-catching products there.

As one of the most famous motor show, EICMA will attract dealers and world known companies to show their latest achievements on motor and cars. Airwheel electric walkcar is no exception. The long-anticipated event will last from Nov 8th to Nov 13nd 2016 in Fiera Milano RHO (Milan Convention Centre in Rho area of Milan).
Airwheel mini electric scooters have also been the popular toys and helpful vehicles among people in recent years. This time Airwheel with its electric scooters and folding e bikes will take part in the EICMA 2016 and to become the eye-catching products at Booth No.: Hall 4, Stand F50. City travels must be the next project where creative enterprises will compete with each other because city travels are the new points where people concern a lot.
As the revolutionary products in city travels, Airwheel electric mobility scooters have become the new favorite and helpful products among modern citizens because of their great performances and convenience. And the differential needs of different user groups are also considered by Airwheel electric scooter in designing and producing products.
Airwheel electric unicycles are the first products series in Airwheel family. After that, Airwheel also introduced many product series for different user groups like A series sitting-posture electric scooters and M series electric drift hover boards. Earlier in 2016, Airwheel has successfully introduced its C series smart helmet and Z series and in summer, the intelligent e bikes released to consumers.

This time, Airwheel will bring its classic models as well as its latest products to EICMA 2016 and introduce the future directions of intelligent products. For instance, the Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is featured by different ride styles. Unlike the S6 and S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooters that are famous dual ride mode, Airwheel R5 portable e bike realizes three ride modes, say man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles.

Welcome to the EICMA and experience Airwheel e scooters and e bikes.