Pick an Airwheel E3 Backpack E Bike to Enjoy Outdoor Recreation


Abstract: Rio Olympic Games are getting more people out of the door. Airwheel backpack e bike E3, with superior foldability and portability, can meet people's need of getting around easily.

Does the thrilling Olympic Games arouse people's passion for outdoor recreation? The influence of the Olympic Games may be its inspiration for people to challenge themselves. There is no need to stay home to watch the games. Just “pack” an Airwheel foldable e bike to widen the horizon.


Airwheel E3


“Pack an e bike” sounds a little bit weird. But it has actually been realized by Airwheel. E3 is a practical and suitable vehicle for daily commuting. Possessing similar practical functions like bikes, it is easy to handle. The foldable electric bike is targeted at being more comfortable and portable. E3 is designed to be fully folded. It weighs 12.5kg. The choice of tough materials combining the unique structure enables E3 to bear a maximum 100 kg load. The pedals, handle and wheels of E3 can all be folded. As for the comfortable features, E3 has adopted an ergonomic saddle design with balanced force and good ventilation.


Folding Smart Bike


Airwheel intelligent e bike is mounted with a high performance hub motor, which provides sufficient and stable power. An intelligent EBS system offers best brake power solution. The car-level Li-ion battery is dismountable. The battery is endurable and takes around 3 hours to get a full charge. Integrated with a USB port, it can function as a power bank to charge other electric devices. E3, with a LED headlight is also suitable for night ride. In outdoor surroundings, E3 is extremely versatile and reliable.

When Airwheel E3 gets a full charge, it can carry its riders to enjoy the gorgeous outdoor scenery or participate in outdoor exercise. Even when it is running out of power, riders can pack the vehicle and carry them onto public transportation facility. Airwheel folding smart bike, enkindles the enthusiasm for outdoor recreation.