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Abstract: Airwheel E3 backpack electric bicycle has its unrivalled position in the electric bike industry. It is due to its genius design. To fully satisfy the users’ needs, Airwheel has adopted the corresponding methods to let riders enjoy a more intelligent life with convenience and satisfaction.

Previously, people’s apathy towards pollution contributed to the destruction of the environment. With people’s awakening of environmental protection consciousness, people resort to an echo-friendly vehicle, which is electric bike. It offers a more convenient moving on the road. There are a lot of electric bike out there that claim to be the world’s best electric bike. Some have a right to the claim, others do not. Airwheel E3 folding e bike has a right to claim with its genius design.
Airwheel E3
If you need to travel more than a few blocks, you would prefer or need a folding bicycle. Our first answer will be Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike. Airwheel E3 can be the most convenient folding e bike out there, more compact than any other when folded down completely. This feature is because of its circle-shaped design. The first impression of E3 can be a vehicle on two circles. But don’t underestimate this structure, which gives an unparalleled convenience for folding function. Both 8 inch wheels can be just folded into these two circles. In this way, E3 can be folded down to a small size of 400*353*472mm, small enough to be put into a backpack. Foldable, Airwheel E3 can be carried wherever you ever want to have access to with the weight only 12.5kg.
Airwheel E3
Fully powered-assisted, Airwheel E3 is equipped with high performance Li-ion battery. The maximum speed can reach to 20km/h. Replaceable battery can offer an alternative charging option. It can also works as a mobile power source. You can have your phone charged on the road by the USB port. More small gadgets are adopted on the handlebar of Airwheel E3 electric folding bike.

Airwheel E3

The LED headlight can light up riders’ views at night. As phone is a necessity in our every trip, Airwheel E3 has also added phone holder on the handlebar. Of course, there is bell for basic needs. In addition, the innovative and intelligent EBS can provide high efficient brake power solution. All these genius designs have made a unique Airwheel E3.