Electric Power Bicycle Gives People an Unprecedented Riding Experience

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Abstract: Offering three quite different riding styles, electric power bicycle can give you an unprecedented riding experience.

Ever since its appearance, bike has been a popular means of transport for it’s very convenient. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, bike has developed to adapt to modern life. A case in point is the introduction and popularity of e-bike, which is meant to take place man-powered bike. Though exhausting and inefficient comparatively, from another viewpoint, the man-powered one still has its own merits. It can save electric power, and riding it is a good way to work out. As a result, according to different riding purposes, people can choose different kinds of bikes. However, if there is a bike supports both the man-powered and the electricity-powered style, it will be great.
Airwheel E6
To our surprise, Airwheel introduced such a multifunctional bike- R5 electric power bicycle in early October 2016. More than these two riding styles, R5 has introduced a brand new riding style- power-assisted mode under which man-powered riding is assisted by electricity. Offering three quite different riding styles, can give you an unprecedented riding experience.
Airwheel S6
The man-powered mode lets you slow down a little bit and enjoy yourself. In your free time, you can choose man-powered mode to ride leisurely so as to have relax. It’s better if you go with your friend to see beautiful scenery in and around the city riding an R5 electric assist bike. Moreover, while relaxing yourself, you can build up your body and keep healthy.
Airwheel Z3
The electricity-assisted mode lets you enjoy efficiency. When you go to work, you can choose this mode to save time. The 235W powerful hub motor, branded Li-ion battery and 16-inch tyres of R5 guarantee a great riding experience. With a maximum speed of 20 km/h, R5 citizen e-bike lets you move fast while ensuring safety.

The sensing power-assisted mode lets you have a brand new riding experience. With the application of sensing technology, R5 folding e bike can automatically sense the amount of the force on the pedals and assist the riding with an adequate output of power. As a result, you can enjoy the pleasure of man-powered bike riding and avoid great physical exertion.

In summary, you can switch freely among these three styles to enjoy yourself.