Dynamic Airwheel folding electric bike with E6 and E3


Abstract: Undoubtedly, many people think carefully before purchasing a vehicle. Thanks to the advent of a range of electric scooters, people who used to travel by bicycle, foot, car or subway monotonously now have access to a totally new way of transportation. In 2016 summer, a new potion is added to the popular vehicles—Airwheel smart e bikes.

In modern times, the young generation always yearn for individuality. They prefer things with strong personal imprints and special traits. That may explain the popularity of self-balancing scooters.

In big cities, young people in groups riding the dazzling E6E3 folding smart bike has been a beautiful scenery.


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The main scooter body of Airwheel smart electric bike is painted with white, combing with orange. E6, featured by slim X shaped body, quick fold system with the folding size 950mm×456mm×160mm and 14.15kg item weight, enables you to weave through freely in the crowed. The innovative “double O” design of Airwheel E3 backpack electric bike is conducive to folding. There is an exclusively designed backpack for E3, folding size 474mm×399mm×374mm only weighing 12.5kg.


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It is delicate and quality, differentiated from other cheap products. The innovative EBS comes into fruition after numerous experiments. It offers optimized initiating mode of vector controller and provides better brake power solution. High strength alloy arm-brace makes Airwheel e bike is convenient to park. In this way, the vehicle will be parked as conveniently as bicycle.


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Similar to all Airwheel products, intelligent e bike has the function of App to realize App fault self-diagnosis and setting speed, besides the basic functions like real-time positioning and data checking etc. The cool brake and head lights are also introduced to the device, which improves the safety performance of riding.

All these details manifest the craftsmanship and meticulousness of the designers. It is due to all these special designs which make Airwheel electric folding bike stand out in the market.