Airwheel’s Innovative F3 smart drone Released


Abstract: Airwheel never stops its step to innovate and reform. Recently, Airwheel has released three new products and aimed to let the public enjoy a free intelligent life. Let's see the features and developments of one of the three new products- Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle.

Through years' endless R&D, Airwheel grows into an internationally-known brand. However, it never stops its step to innovate and reform.


Airwheel F3


Totally different from other models in Airwheel, F3 is a kind of brand new gadget—unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV for short. Weighing only 195g, F3 is small and portable, however, its powerful functions make users amazed. It is easy to operate with one key to return, take off and land. F3 can collect kinds of data intelligently, like height and wind speed, automatic adjusting flight attitude, and realizing accurate hovering and so on.


Airwheel F3


The main function of F3 is to take pictures and shoot videos. Its camera in intelligent anti-shake algorithm design and with 4K resolution shooting system is able to restore every frame truly and clearly. What's more, riders will find it more reliable to use Airwheel F3 UAV to take pictures or shoot videos because of the improvements of the design of battery. It selects branded lithium battery. In combination with the independent R&D circuit control chip, F3's duration of flight can reach 720s. In addition, thanks to the GPS and synchronous position intelligent equipment, users can feel free to use it, as it will return automatically whether in low battery or loss of communication.


Airwheel F3


Last but not least, Airwheel F3 drone can connect with the mobile phone through App. Riders can monitor the location and status. Also, connecting to mobile App, it can realize dual control modes, slide screen to control and somatosensory control. The App allows users to share them in one key. Users can share the wonderful pictures and videos to kinds of social media, letting more people enjoy the different and unique view.

Airwheel F3 drone with camera is to become one of the best electronic products in the market.