Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle is more practical than your imagination

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Abstract: You may have many requirements for the vehicle, be fit for city commuting, be portable to be taken, be driven by pure man-power or be rode in a relaxed and labor-saving way… If we select one bicycle type to satisfy all of the requirements, Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle must be one of the recommendations.

People’s demands vary in daily life. Everyone wants to have more convenient city travelling such as self-drive travel, cycling without spending too much energy or cycling full of sweat… At this moment, do you feel that only one type of vehicle is far from perfect? You have such an idea mainly because you don’t know Airwheel R5 citizen e bike.
Airwheel R5
As an electric bike, R5 is collapsible. The mini bike which only sizes 700mmⅹ710mmⅹ380mm after being folded can be very easily kept in the corner of home or company and even can be taken into buses, underground or elevators. In this scenario, R5 electric assist bike can assist users to plan the route more flexibly so as to ensure the most efficient and comfortable journey. Meanwhile, when coping with self-drive travel, R5 can be packed into car trunk, instead of being tied up on a bicycle frame on the top of a car.

Different from traditional bicycles, R5 electric assist bike is equipped with hub motor and there are three ride styles to be available-fitness ride style, power-assist and electricity-assist ride style. Under the fitness mode, users need to pedal it purely by man-power to achieve the exercise effect. During the journey, riders will become more and more tired with the original riding way but it is not necessary to stop since they can switch it to the pure power ride mode, which is driven completely by electricity so as to recover. Sure, the best shall be the electric-assist mode where 0~11 levels gears are provided for controlling the strength of exercising.

Plus, R5 electric moped bike can also bring users more comfortable experience and convenience. Coupled with sensitive technology, it can know the forth produced by feet automatically and output assist power depending on different situations. Besides, the battery pack is expanded with USB port for supplying power to the daily intelligent devices.

In conclusion, Airwheel R5 is more practical than your imagination.