Airwheel Marsrover Is A Joyful Assistant.


Abstract: Among so many electric scooter brands, Airwheel is a revolution in the field of personal mobility and its products will change the concept of personal transportation within public urban areas and private spaces.

Undoubtedly, Airwheel is a real revolution in the field of traffic mobility that is studied and developed in the United States and now is gaining popularity all over the world, thanks to its unique characteristics. A new concept of mobility also means endless possibilities.


foldable bikes with lithium battery


Airwheel is home to eight series of vehicle as well as a series of intelligent helmet, so far. X series and Q series are known for its flexibility and are full of energy. Also, the business styles in the designs of S series make them the favourite ones among the public. Sitting posture self-balancing scooter A series, electric skateboard M series, foldable electric scooter Z series and folding e bikes E series and R series as well as smart helmet C series.

Different models reflect the soul of different riders: from the adventurous one wheel scooter X8, to the outdoor master S5 which is a real SUV coming with heavy-duty wheels and aluminium support frames, from the mini and elegant S6 to the backpack e bike E3 and from standing up electric scooters to sitting posture self-balancing scooters.


SUV electric scooter


For those who drive cars to work, when they bump into traffic jams, they will be late. In order to avoid either of the situations happening, they may choose another transport–Airwheel mini electric scooter that can be ridden on any tiny roads and paths, allowing you to reach the destination in time. Controlled by advance self-balancing tech, it requires rider to lean backward or forward in which rider can build up their bodies during the riding process.


smart cool skateboard


Airwheel intelligent electric scooter redefines the boundaries of personal mobility, extending the range of personal transfers and enriching the process. It is no longer only about moving between two points. With Airwheel, people can reinvent their routes with creativity.