Airwheel Launches New Generation of Self-Balancing Scooter S5


Abstract: Airwheel rolled out its self-balancing scooter S5 – the third generation of S series – at the new products release conference on June 18. S5 features upgraded battery and wider wheels targeting enterprises and government as its major customers.

CHANGZHOU, China, June 18, 2015 – Airwheel Technology launched its new self-balancing scooter S5 in the Airwheel 2015 New Products Release Conference held at Wanda Sheraton Hotel in Changzhou, China, June 18. S5 is the third generation of the S-series which features a standing platform and a long control shaft, in contrast to the company's single-wheeled X and dual-wheeled Q series. Thought belonged to the same series, S5 electric self-balancing scooter has many of its own features and cannot simply be regarded as an update to Airwheel S3.


Actually, S5 has its own target customers who the company intends to attract. Just as the S5 trailer played on the conference, S5 is featured with its SUV characters. The most obvious feature is the wheels which are upgraded to 16 inches. Bigger wheels can make the scooter drive more steadily and have greater performance in coping harsh terrains, such as gravel road. Meanwhile, the battery is upgraded to 680wh (compared to S3's 520wh) which enables the scooter to cover a longer range. According to Airwheel website, the travel range of S5 can be up to 50km when the battery is fully charged. According to the spokesman of the company, the target market of Airwheel S5 is the enterprises and government.


In contrast to the previous generation S3 self-balancing scooters whose target market is mainly the individual, S5 is more suitable to be used as a working equipment. For example, it can be adopted as a patrolling vehicle by police officers, or it can be ridden by warehouse keeper to inspect goods.


There are other worth noting upgrades. For example, the control shaft of S5 is foldable. It's convenient for the rider to fold up the control shaft when parking the scooter so that it won’t take too much space. On each fender, there's an aluminum-alloy holder where you can install headlight (headlight is optional from standard package) to make the night riding safer.