Airwheel F3 air respirator: keep loved ones breath healthily and comfortably

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Abstract: Airwheel F3 smart fresh air masks are specially designed with an aerodynamic system, equipped with electrostatic micro-motors and booster fans. Fresh air enters, exhales and exits, which can achieve dual filtration. Every time you breathe in is fresh air, while ensuring that the inside of the mask is dry and not humid.


For people who need to wear glasses, wearing a mask is not only uncomfortable, but also makes their glasses foggy. In fact, the reason why ordinary masks cause glasses to fog is that it is difficult to be completely sealed due to disobedience. Airwheel F3 smart fresh air masks not only use food-grade soft silicone with moderate hardness, but also apply ergonomic design to make it completely fit the face, ensuring the airtightness of the mask while ensuring that it does not cause indentation on the face, and at the same time freeing the glasses from the trouble of fogging, and ensuring the effectiveness of wearing the mask.

Airwheel F3 fresh air mask

When wearing, F3 electric mask is equipped with a lanyard that is made of high-softness silicone material, and has a variety of adjustable lengths, which can be suitable for users with different head types, and can be flexibly placed on the ears and head according to different preferences and needs. Choose between two ways to wear.

Airwheel F3 Maschera intelligente

Disposable masks are recommended for a single wearing time of 4 hours, so they need to be replaced regularly. The Airwheel F3 fresh air masks can be reused. The silicone material it uses not only uses antibacterial material, but also can withstand high temperatures. It can be disinfected and reused by using alcohol wipe disinfection or high-temperature water boiling (boiling for five minutes can kill 99.9% of bacteria). The filter adopts a modular design, only need to rotate the buckle, open the upper cover, the filter can be taken out and replaced.

Airwheel F3 maschera elettrica

In addition, Airwheel F3 sport mask is also equipped with a dedicated APP, which can monitor the use of the filter in real time according to the use time and environment, promptly remind the user to replace it, remind the remaining battery, air volume adjustment mode, remote switch mask, etc. Welcome to purchse it online: