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Abstract: Airwheel intelligent electric scooters are not the mighty devices which offer riders superhuman powers. Yet Airwheel intelligent scooters can help people solve problems in the city life.

It’s impossible for people to meet any one of these heroes in the real life. Indeed heroes are not necessarily the ones with great or immortal powers. Those who solve problems for both cities and human can also be called heroes. Airwheel and its intelligent electric scooters want to be the heroes for both human and cities.
Airwheel X3
Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooters are all extremely quiet and eco-friendly which help people solve the noise and air pollutions. As the electricity-powered vehicles, Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooter have efficient and noise-free motor and power bank. Compared with the fossil-fueled vehicles, Airwheel electric scooters are all noise-free and eco-friendly. Though electricity are also mostly generated by burning fuels, the efficiency of Airwheel green electric scooter makes them more eco-friendly vehicle—generally the top burden capacity of Airwheel are over 100 kg and for each 100 km distance Airwheel need no more than 1kWh.
Airwheel X3
Airwheel mini electric scooters help people avoid the traffic problems in cities. The traffic jam and huge crowds in public transportations are the nightmares for people like office workers who need to travel a long way to their offices or workplaces. Airwheel electric walkcars are extremely portable and convenient for riders to take them anywhere. For instance Airwheel E3 electric folding bike are the vehicles which can be taken and rode on any roads like sidewalks or small roads through buildings. So the endless car lines and uncountable people in the metro and buses will leave no more trouble to people.
Airwheel R5
Riding Airwheel and weaving in high streets and back lanes become a beautiful view in city, which also attracts many people to pay attention to the issue of low-carbon travel. Though it has acquired great successes in the intelligent market, Airwheel never stops its paces in innovation, represented by E6 and R5 folding e bikes etc.

Even though it can’t beat any great evils in the cities, Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter can contribute to solving the pollutions and traffic problems in cities. Airwheel electric walkcar is a friend in need.