Airwheel Electric Hoverboards Advocate Environmental protection


Abstract: Airwheel bringing its green self-balancing scooters strongly advocates environmental protection. The employment of scooter will improve air quality as well as reduce exhausted emission. It also offers people more convenience in the life.

Over the last several days, some cities in Asia countries have experienced its worst air pollution in decades, with the pollution index literally off the charts. That's a warning from nature to remind of mankind to improve the environmental awareness. Making a contribution to the environment doesn't need magnificent actions. Just some little stuff can make difference to the environment.


Since one of the main factors affects the air quality or the weather is the vehicle exhausted emission, people can try to avoid driving private cars powered by diesel or petrol. And turn to the green vehicles. At the key moment that human beings are in badly need of protection the environment, Airwheel has unveiled several green electric scooters driven by batteries.


Most exhausted emission discharged from vehicles not only pollutes the environment, but also do harm to the human health. Breathing too much polluted air causes respiratory tract infection, and further makes those with weak immunity to get respiratory diseases. It's necessary to ride green electric hoverboard to save the health.

On the other hand, the scooters are much smaller and more portable than normal power-driven vehicles. It can make users escape from the traffic congestion to save the precious time. Besides, it can be a good personal transporter to go to work, do shopping, visit friends nearby, stroll in the parks, etc. That can offer more convenience for people's daily life. At the same time, regular riding scooters can also contribute to building up bodies.

Airwheel A3

Having a green electric hoverboard not only makes a contribution to the environment, reducing tail gas emission, but also brings more convenience to the life. It provides double advantages for people to ride a vehicle driven by green energy.