Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet as the most important and functional equipment for riders

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Abstract: For riders, the most important equipment is always the helmet that can protect head. However, the market is full of each kind of helmets so riders feel difficult in deciding one. How to pick up a suitable helmet for you? You might as well have a look at Airwheel C5 intelligent helmet.

As a qualified rider, an excellent riding equipment is absolutely important. Besides, he or she will need protection from a helmet. At this time, a helmet that can give sense of security is needed.


intelligent helmet


What kind of helmets can give us sense of security? First thing first, it should be firm enough. C5 smart helmet adopts the high-strength polycarbonate which will not be distorted easily after being great striking so this kind of material can isolate head from colliding with objects directly. With the EPS as the interior packing layer, the shell can effectively absorb the exterior force so as to protect head from impacting. Meanwhile, in order to gain a more comfortable wearing experience, the interior surface layer which connects head and helmet adopts the quick-dry and skin-touch material.


Airwheel C5


Of course, we try to avoid the striking even if the helmet can protect us from injury. However, to reduce this incidents, we have to remove some hidden hazards existed in riding. In current society, smartphones are widespread. So the phone bell ringing during riding happens occasionally. Some riders may directly take out phone to answer the call but they do not realize the risk. C5 helmet, coupled with microphone and high-definition Bluetooth earphones, can ensure the safe communication during riding when users press the answer key. Apart from this function, C5 integrated with each modular. Therefore, accompanying shooting and listening to music will make your riding more convenient and joyful.

The structure not only improves the air flow but also ensures the largest vent area so users won’t feel too muggy by wearing this helmet.

Airwheel C5 will be your most considerate helmet in your riding days.