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Where can I use the Airwheel H3T?

The H3T power wheelchair can be used just about anywhere in or outdoors. It can handle several different terrains such as grass, carpet, dirt, and more.

What is the Airwheel H3T’s weight limit?

The H3T is capable of carrying a person weighing up to 130kg.

I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to operate the handles?

Very little force is needed to operate H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair on level ground. In fact, just the weight of your arms is usually enough on smooth surfaces. Driving in grass or rough surfaces may require slightly more force.

AIRWHEELH3T electric automatic folding wheelchair

Can I manually push the Airwheel H3T?

The Airwheel H3T electric mobility scooter can easily be pushed around by the user. The electric mode gives riders an effortless ride and allows riders to stop and chat freely. Riders can enjoy the company of friends and families in the manual mode.

AIRWHEELH3T smart wheelchair

What accessories are available?

Accessories such storage bag and mini table. Riders can put the daily necessities into the back storage bag. It’s convenient for riders to have a meal, read book or play mobile phones, etc. on the mini table.

Does the Airwheel H3T have reverse mode?

The H3T smart wheelchair does have a powered reverse, simply by pushing the joy-sticker back. When reversing, the wheelchair will automatically beep to warn people around.


How long does the battery last before replacing it?

The short answer is, it depends on the usage and conditions. The battery on average lasts for several years for many of our customers.

How long to charge the battery?

A charger is included and the battery can be charged in or out of the chair. Charging takes 5 hours or less depending on the level of power already used.

AIRWHEELH3T electric(power) wheelchair

How do I know if I need to charge the battery?

There is a battery indicator located on the control panel that tells you the battery life.